Joseph Spens, Lead Organizer
Camera Walrond, Conference
Robert Carlsen, Operations
Andrew Leung, Sponsorship
Dominique Morris, Bootcamp
Alicia Noel, Organizer
Amanda Ghanooni, Registrar
Will Van Wart, Organizer
Joly MacFie, Livestream
Mike Caprio, Advisor


SAP Next-Gen enables industries globally to seed in disruptive innovation with students and startups, accelerating their digital futures and exponential enterprise journeys with SAP.

SAP University Alliances opens up the world of SAP to 2,900+ educational institutions in 105 countries worldwide including 96% of top universities. It aims to develop critical skills for the exponential enterprise among academics, university students and young thinkers, and to build the bridge to digital futures for executives and professionals.


Ideas that seem impossible to realize take shape every day at NYIT, where you’ll learn to solve problems, contribute solutions, and work on 21st-century challenges that directly affect the world. Our students graduate profession-ready, equipped with the skills and experiences sought by top employers, graduate programs, and research institutions around the world.

Our accredited and highly ranked programs incorporate applied research and real-world case studies to deliver professional educational experiences. You’ll learn from professors who are recipients of prestigious grants and bring decades of industry knowledge and research into the classroom. Often, you’ll find our students working side by side faculty, researching cybersecurity, drone design, microchips, robotics, artificial intelligence, app development, and other areas in our high-tech facilities.


The mission of the Science Partnership Fund is to facilitate foundation and corporate support for crowdfunding projects in physics and related areas. We recognize that today's potentially revolutionary scientific endeavors do not always lend themselves to traditional grant-based funding, and many promising technical innovations are not yet ripe for venture capital investment. Crowdfunding fills this funding gap and allows the public to participate in the scientific and entrepreneurial process.


Fiat Physica empowers individuals to support the science they want to see happen and get involved on the ground floor. Fiat Physica facilitates incentivized giving through donation match and gift programs from foundation and corporate sponsors, and provides educational materials, events, and community engagement to help scientists, innovators, and educators make the shift to crowd fundraising. Fiat Physica also offers fundraising assistance via its partner organizations.


Empire Space Labs accelerates technology startups that create space applications. We provide expert mentorship, starting resources, partner introductions and strategic relationships, business model advice and business development - all to help fledgling companies overcome the challenges of starting a business in the commercial space sector.